¡Amante Bandido! Spanish Icon Miguel Bosé’s Life Captured in New Series


The lengthy, successful career of Miguel Bosé is making its way to streaming. On Thursday, Dec. 1, Paramount+ is set to release Bosé in the United States, a new six-episode series that gives an inside look at the Spanish icon’s life and legacy as a musician.

“They are obsessed with calling me a druggie and a queen,” Bosé says in a trailer released Wednesday, flashing images of him at parties, having sex, and getting his blood drawn. “And if I was an addict, so what? And if I was a faggot, so what?”

The trailer shows visuals of Bosé — played by both José Pastor and Iván Sánchez — as a kid and introduces audiences to his many lovers (of both genders), facing family drama, and also saying a final goodbye to his father.

“Surrounded by a halo of mystery, Bosé has always been very private. For the first time and exclusively on Paramount+, BOSÉ the series breaks down the walls, revealing the singer-songwriter’s strengths and weaknesses and giving audiences an intimate look at his life,” reads a description of the series. “Each episode focuses on a different Miguel Bosé song and journeys to pivotal moments in the artist’s life.”


The cast includes Nacho Fresneda as Bosé’s father, Luis Miguel Dominguín; Valeria Solarino as Bosé’s mother, Lucía Bosé; Alicia Borrachero as La Tata; Ana Jara as the singer’s best friend; José Sospedra as Pablo Alborch; Miguel Ángel Muñoz as singer Julio Iglesias; and Mariela Garriga as Facio.

The series, which premiered in Latin America on Nov. 2, was produced by Paramount with Shine Iberia, Elefantec Global, and Legacy Rock. It was directed by Miguel Bardem and Fernando Trullols. Ángeles González Sinde, Isabel Vázquez, and Boris Izaguirre wrote the series.


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