Imagine Dragons Do It With Their ‘Eyes Closed’ on New Song

Those lovable lads from Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons, are back with a new song “Eyes Close,” that’s set to kick off the band’s next era.

“Eyes Closed” is a little bit rap-rock, a little bit pop, a little bit alt, and even manages to squeeze in a few dubstep wub-wubs for good measure. The track arrives with a music video directed by Andrew Donoho, which finds frontman Dan Reynolds on a strange Indiana Jones-style adventure through an ancient dreamlike world, which (spoiler alert) turns out to be his subconscious spinning near-death yarns in the immediate aftermath of a car crash.

In a statement, Reynolds said of the new track, “After taking some time off the road and spending time catching up with family and loved ones, I finally have felt the desire to go back to the sonic places that originally brought me the most joy, but with a new outlook and mentality. The world looks much different after being a band for more than a decade. But some things will always remain the same. It’s finding that right balance of nostalgia and freshness that brings me the most joy in the studio. We had a lot of fun making this one and hope you enjoy it too.”

It’s been two years since Imagine Dragons’ last record, Mercury — Act 2, which combined with 2021’s Act 1 to create a double album. The band has spent much of the past couple years on the road in support of the two LPs.

Last year they also dropped a documentary, Imagine Dragons Live in Vegas. The film primarily featured footage from the group’s hometown gig in Sept. 2022, while also incorporating interviews with the band and archival footage to trace their rise from playing diver bars on the Vegas strip to headlining the city’s gigantic football stadium.


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