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BUZZ: ‘Selling Sunset’ star Nicole Young gets ‘death threats’ amid Chrishell Stause feud

BUZZ: ‘Selling Sunset’ star Nicole Young gets ‘death threats’ amid Chrishell Stause feud

“Selling Sunset” star Nicole Young is getting death threats and has been called a “meth addict” after her co-star Chrishell Stause accused her of being “on drugs,” Page Six can confirm.

“It’s been a really difficult time for Nicole,” a source tells Page Six exclusively.

“She comes from a regular, normal, private life to death threats and being called a meth addict overnight.”

The insider also denies Young fought with Stause on-camera for airtime on their Netflix show, saying those allegations are “bogus.”

Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause arguing on "Selling Sunset."
Young fought with Stause on Season 6 of “Selling Sunset.”

The source shares that the longtime Oppenheim Group agent was, in fact, “asked to be part of the original cast” but “backed out last minute” due to her fear of being bullied like she is now.

“She was worried her life would be turned upside down, and she didn’t want to risk that,” the insider adds.

Sources close to Young told TMZ Thursday that one troll told the real estate agent, “Watch out on the streets … whores die,” while another said, “You’re a c–t. A bully. I hope you die honestly.”

Nicole Young on "Selling Sunset."
“It’s been a really difficult time for Nicole,” a source tells Page Six.

A third allegedly said, “No one likes you because you’re a crackhead. You should leave the O Group you f–king methhead [sic].”

The outlet’s sources also claimed that some of the vicious fans got ahold of Young’s address and personal phone number and have been contacting her family members.

The onslaught of hate has caused the reality TV newbie to back out of press commitments, including appearances and podcast tapings, per the report.

Chrishell Stause posing in a pink dress.
Stause accused Young of being “on drugs.”

Reps for Netflix, Young and Stause could not be immediately reached for comment.

Meanwhile, Young herself has hinted on social media that she’s been having a hard time.

She posted a photo on her Instagram Stories Wednesday of her with a friend and two puppies and wrote over it, “Nothing better than bestie therapy with puppy therapy as the cherry on top!” She also turned off her comments on her Instagram.

Nicole Young posing with a friend and puppies.
Young recently posted this photo of her hanging out with a pal and puppies amid the social media attacks.

“Selling Sunset” Season 6 premiered on Netflix last Friday, and in one of the episodes, Stause, 41, tells Young, “You’re on drugs” during a chaotic fight.

“I don’t know what is in your drink or what you’re on, but I’m just saying I’m good with not having this conversation because it doesn’t seem like there is just wine in your glass,” the former soap star added. “You’ve been acting a little cracked out all night.”

The allegation made Young burst into tears and retreat to her room.

Chrishell Stause and Nicole Young sitting on the side of a house.
Stause alleged that she has seen Young do mushrooms, ecstasy and other drugs.

However, the reaction did not make Stause take back her claims, as she further alleged to have once witnessed her co-star doing ecstasy, mushrooms and weed.

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The following day, Young claimed she underwent a drug test to prove she was not under the influence. She also threatened to sue Stause for defamation if the remarks continued.

Young said ahead of the new season airing that she was “shocked” to hear the “Under Construction” author accuse her of being on drugs.

Nicole Young posing in a suit.
Young threatened to sue Stause for defamation.

“When she first said it, I felt like I’d just been hit by a train,” the Los Angeles-based agent told People. “It took me a moment to even process what she had said, and I was gutted. I was just absolutely gutted.”

The tension between the two women began when Young called out Stause on the latest season of “Selling Sunset” for taking credit for a listing they previously shared.

However, our insider says that what was showed on the show was “not remotely the entire picture.”

Nicole Young being silly with Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald.
Young, seen here with Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald, made her TV debut on Season 6 of “Selling Sunset,” while Stause has been a cast member since Season 1.

“[Nicole] understands how viewers would find it confusing, as there really was no context given to the allegations and arguments made by Nicole,” the source tells Page Six. “And Nicole being a completely new person while Chrishell has six seasons on her, I mean, of course it’s playing out this way.

“It’s definitely frustrating for her, but with time, the truth always prevails.”

The insider maintains that Young knows “the truth” and is “taking time to spend with her family and friends, trying her best not to pay attention to the horrendous attacks being made on her,” but notes that it’s been “very upsetting and difficult.”


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