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Logan Paul Podcast: Kevin Durant Roasts IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed was hilariously roasted by Kevin Durant for his annoying behavior on Logan Paul's "Impaulsive" podcast

The YouTuber named IShowSpeed is known for his dynamic and intense personality, which may not be well-received by all. However, his magnetic charisma is undeniable.

During his appearance on a podcast called “Impaulsive” hosted by Logan Paul, IShowSpeed’s larger-than-life persona seemed to irritate NBA player Kevin Durant of the Phoenix Suns. Durant didn’t hesitate to humorously roast and jab at Speed throughout the interview, creating a compilation of memorable takedowns that fans quickly embraced.

The entertainment derived from Durant’s deadpan delivery of each jab at Speed added to the humor, showcasing Durant’s genuine irritation with the YouTuber.

Amidst the hilarity, Logan Paul and the audience enthusiastically engaged in the YouTube comments, labeling Speed and Durant as an unexpected comedic duo that made the episode truly unforgettable.

The Awkward Admiration Displayed by Durant

Among the notable moments that sparked widespread discussions was when IShowSpeed eyed Durant as if he were his secret crush, awkwardly unsettling Kevin in a matter of seconds. The humorous exchange led to comments and laughter, especially when Kevin Durant pointed out, “gazing in my eyes with your leg cocked up.”

Despite Kevin Durant’s lack of enthusiasm for Speed’s company, the episode has already garnered over 1 million views. IShowSpeed’s discomfort could stem from being in the presence of one of his sports idols. To heighten the awkwardness, he even mentioned to the basketball star that he possesses Durant’s entire sneaker collection.

Following their viral clash on “Impaulsive,” IShowSpeed and Kevin Durant inadvertently generated a lasting buzz on social media. Despite Durant’s initial reservations, the unexpected chemistry and comedic banter between the two became the talk of the town.


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