‘SNL’: Weekend Update on Herschel Walker Fundraising Off Abortion Scandal: Raising Money, But Not Kids

Saturday Night Live tackled Herschel Walker’s abortion scandal, President Joe Biden’s marijuana pardons and Kanye West’s White Lives Matter controversy in a packed Weekend Update segment.

“The midterms are only a month away, and is it just me or are some candidates trying to lose?” co-anchor Colin Jost asked.

Jost first focused on Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Dr. Oz. “A review of scientific studies published by Dr. Oz revealed that his experiments killed over 300 dogs, but eventually he got the recipe right,” Jost said. 

“Dr. Oz refused to comment on the report that his research killed over 300 dogs, but it’s possible he couldn’t hear the question over the wood chipper. But don’t worry, Dr. Oz won everybody back last night when he gave a speech in front of Hitler’s car. Worse, he then got into the car and backed over a dog.”

Co-anchor Michael Che then discussed Walker’s ongoing abortion scandal. “After news broke that Walker paid for his ex-girlfriend’s abortion, he raised over $500,000,” Che said. “Because dollars is the only thing Walker is willing to raise.”

Jost added later that Planned Parenthood was opening a mobile clinic, making it easier to access care “anywhere in the country that Herschel Walker has visited.”

On the subject of Florida Governor Ron DiSantis’ handling of the deadly Hurricane Ian, Jost said, “DiSantis explained why so many residents failed to evacuate, saying ‘Some people just don’t want to leave their homes.’ Which is why, sometimes, you need to trick them onto a plane to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Switching topics to Biden’s pardoning of people with marijuana convictions, Jost said, “It feels like maybe he celebrated with them a little,” joking about Dank Brandon proclaiming that “Made in America” was a two-word phrase. “Let me respond with two words: Jesus H. Christ,” Jost quipped.

Che then briefly covered Kanye West’s eventful week: “Kanye West appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to defend wearing a White Lives Matter shirt, claiming he wore the shirt because he was using a ‘gut instinct,’ but what he definitely was not using are the meds prescribed to him.”

Later in the segment, Weekend Update welcomed “Black Ariel” (Ego Nwodim) to talk the reaction to the live-action The Little Mermaid movie. “You can just call me Ariel. I don’t call you ‘White Colin,’ to your face,” the mermaid said:


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