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LeBron James Admits Career Future Is Uncertain After Lakers’ Brutal Postseason Loss – Nicki swift

LeBron James Admits Career Future Is Uncertain After Lakers' Brutal Postseason Loss - Nicki swift
lebron james admits career future is uncertain after lakers brutal postseason loss nicki swift

Could it be the beginning of the end for LeBron James and his NBA career? It certainly appears so, as retirement is one of the options that is on the table for the star. Following a brutal postseason loss to the Denver Nuggets, James has been candid about what the future may hold for him, and he’s not entirely sure he’ll be back on the NBA court. In a video shared by TMZ, James fielded questions from the media and spoke about what his future may look like. “We’ll see what happens going forward,” the star shared. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I got a lot to think about, to be honest.”

Things have been pretty hard for James this season, as he struggled with a foot injury that caused him to miss a month on the court. In an interview with ESPN, the star shared that he may need to undergo surgery to repair the torn tendon in his right foot, but like his future NBA plans — that’s up in the air. “I’m going to get an MRI on it and see how the tendon either healed or not healed and go from there. We’ll see what happens,” he told the outlet before lamenting over the fact that the injury hindered his performance on the court. It certainly will be interesting to see what James decides for next year.


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