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Meet Flyana Boss, the Self-Proclaimed “Weirdos” Behind the Viral TikTok Hit “You Wish”

Meet Flyana Boss, the Self-Proclaimed "Weirdos" Behind the Viral TikTok Hit "You Wish"

Flyana Boss’s “You Wish” is currently taking over TikTok feeds everywhere, and bandmates and best friends Bobbi Lanea and Folayan Kunerede are officially having their breakout moment thanks to the infectious track. They’ve enhanced its popularity even more by releasing multiple different lyric videos showing them running around in different artfully random locations, from Walt Disney World to a McDonald’s, and the track’s spicy lyrics make it the perfect soundtrack for attitude-heavy TikToks.

With their cleverly niche lyrics and extremely online aesthetic that rests somewhere between Vaporwave, cosplay, and 2012 Tumblr, the duo — whose Instagram bio identifies them as “two weirdos” — seems poised for success, and it sounds like some of that’s thanks to their creative synergy. “Ever since we first met, I thought, ‘Whoa, this girl’s amazing!’ She was always ahead of her time to me,” Lanea told Hot New Hip Hop on June 27. “I always used to do music alone. I used to write, produce, and record all by myself because I felt very nervous about being creative around other people. Folayan alleviated all of that because she believed in me, and she always encouraged me . . . Yeah, we’re like two chemicals in the periodic table that combust in a good way and belong together,” she added. “We’re making music together all the time. It’s our lifeline. Flyana Boss is our whole life.”

What is Kanekalon?

One of the lyrics in the song in particular has inspired an uptick in Google searches: “I’m made of sugar, spice, Kanekalon, and cinnamon.” Kanekalon is a type of synthetic hair fiber often used to create dreadlock extensions. The rest of the song is also filled with specific pop culture references, from Michael Phelps to Dr. Evil, and ultimately it’s all an ode to the artists’ untouchable confidence.


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