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of The Little MermaidThe Summer I Turned Pretty: The Untold Story Of The Cast of The Little Mermaid

of The Little MermaidThe Summer I Turned Pretty: The Untold Story Of The Cast of The Little Mermaid

Tung’s experience with LaGuardia High School is not just limited to her work as an actor. She has taken on the role of a lifetime when it comes to acting. She has trained hard since she was young and has spent time at LaGuardia High School, learning from her teacher, Lola Tung. Tung has always been passionate about acting and has taken on many roles before becoming a successful actress. She has worked hard her whole career and is something of a legend in the acting world.

of the little mermaidthe summer i turned pretty the untold story of the cast of the little mermaid

Lola Tung’s role in “The Summer I Turned Pretty” marked her very first onscreen credit. However, a lifetime of training seemingly prepared Tung to play Belly, the lead character in Prime Video’s dreamy teen series. During an interview with 1883 magazine, Tung opened up about attending LaGuardia High School, whose alumni includes Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Timothée Chalamet, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. “I think high school is such a formative part of any person’s life,” Tung told the publication. “I learned a lot while I was there.” Since leaving, Tung has joined a long line of successful actors who also attended the school.

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Importantly, Tung instantly found her creative passion while attending LaGuardia, and was able to develop her skills as an actor. “I learned a lot about professionalism, the industry, and life,” she told 1883 magazine. “As I was growing as an actor, I was growing immensely as a person and learning who I was.” Tung’s experiences at LaGuardia High School have even informed her performance in “The Summer I Turned Pretty.” “When I first entered high school, I was really shy, and I still wouldn’t consider myself the most extroverted person, but I think I really was able to ground myself more and figure out who I was,” she explained. “It’s cool that I now get to play Belly, who is going through the same thing.”


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