The Best Reality TV Shows And How To Watch Them On Demand


Looking for a heady dose of reality TV? There’s certainly no shortage of shows about wealthy, attractive individuals looking for love or someone to throw wine over. And phenomenally successful franchises like the Real Housewives have sprouted spin-offs and international adaptations faster than the lead of the Bachelor can take his shirt off.

Whether it’s a gaggle of botoxed housewives hurling insults and fine china over dinner, young love and loyalty put to the test as couples try and find their forever person, or the country’s top drag queens serving shade and sickening runway lewks, the result is nearly always the same: jaw-dropping, addictive, can’t-look-away TV.

Romance, rivalries, exotic locations and washboard abs: you’ll find all that and more here in our roundup of five of the best reality TV shows currently available to watch on-demand, as well as exactly where to find them.


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