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Victoria Monét Explains Why She Didn’t Perform at the MTV VMAs

Victoria Monét Explains Why She Didn't Perform at the MTV VMAs
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Timing is everything. After dropping “On My Mama” this summer, many fans campaigned for Victoria Monét to join the impressive lineup of performers at the MTV VMAs on Sept. 12. Despite all the people championing her new music, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter still ended up at the award show as an attendee instead of a performer. Hearing the disappointment from her supporters, she explained the situation in more depth on social media.

“I see your advocation for me to have performed tonight and I’m so grateful to you!! Sincerely!” Monét wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “My team was told it is ‘too early in my story’ for that opportunity so we will keep working!” She went on to thank fans, maintaining a positive attitude as she pointed to the upcoming tour for her new album “Jaguar II,” with shows beginning on Sept. 15.

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“My team was told it is ‘too early in my story.'”

Understandably, not everyone was comforted by this explanation. “I love you and your beautiful positive SWEET ASS SELF OMG but also they’re full of sh*t lol,” former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui responded. Others pointed out that Monét has been a game-changer in the music industry for years, making the reported reasoning behind her missed performance opportunity even more frustrating.

Disappointment aside, Monét previously told POPSUGAR in an Aug. 21 interview that she considers herself to be in her “level-up” era. “I feel really thankful whenever the opportunities come,” she said. “Obviously, in my life span, I don’t feel like a ‘new artist.’ I’ve been an artist since I was 17. So I’m never really surprised at doing new things still . . . I think everything happens when it’s supposed to.”

Maybe the VMAs weren’t ready for Monét just yet, but she still has faith they’re headed in her direction. “The things that I’ve been wishing for are on the way,” she said. And when they finally arrive, we’ll be ready.


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