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What Happened to the Cast of Netflix’s “Narcos” After the Show?

What Happened to the Cast of Netflix's "Narcos" After the Show?

When “Narcos” debuted on Netflix in 2015, it was an immediate success. With a captivating storyline, talented cast, and generous budget, the series received glowing reviews, standing out among the many films and television shows about drug trafficking and the notorious cartel leaders that lurk in the shadows. The first two seasons of “Narcos” focus on Pablo Escobar, a Colombian cocaine trafficker who became notorious in the 1980s. The third season follows the aftermath of Escobar’s downfall, when a rival cartel with a different set of rules takes his place. The show combines Colombian magical realism with the gritty details of Escobar’s rise and fall, making for an exciting binge-watch.

Two real DEA agents who were involved in Escobar’s capture even consulted on the production, though there are still some inaccuracies. Apart from its historical inaccuracies, “Narcos” was also met with criticism when it first aired, particularly with its casting and message. Netflix wanted to create a global production, so they cast Latinx actors from Central and South America. This led to many debates about the Spanish accents of the actors playing the lead roles, most of whom were not Colombian. Pablo Escobar’s actor, Wagner Moura, is Brazilian and had to learn Spanish for the role. Additionally, viewers were concerned that the show glorified cartels and rehashed the traumas of Colombia’s past. They also argued that “Narcos” perpetuated stereotypes and focused too much on the United States’ role in Escobar’s capture.

Despite its flaws, “Narcos” was popular when it first released and even got its own spinoff, “Narcos: Mexico.” With the increasing popularity of its main characters, the show is now gaining more attention. If you’ve seen all three seasons and want to know what happened to the cast of “Narcos,” read on to find out.


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