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Where Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Stands With His Daughter Gwendlyn Today

Where Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Stands With His Daughter Gwendlyn Today

“She’s a good woman and she’s always been a good wife, but he’s not a good father.”

As a result of her sister’s negative review of her father, Gwendlyn has decided to end their relationship as is. She feels that Kody should be able to take the blame for their relationship issue without having to worry about the negative reviews from her siblings.

where sister wives star kody brown stands with his daughter gwendlyn today

Gwendlyn Brown is remaining honest about her true feelings towards her dad, Kody Brown. In one of her vlogs, she revealed that their relationship had been strained from the get-go because Kody was never present. “I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad and him being happy that I ate all my lunch or that I made a friend at school,” she recalled. “It was always my mom, and that’s great. I’m so happy I had her, but it was never my dad and it sucks that he was not there so much.”

In “Sister Wives,” Kody once claimed that it’s “not always my fault” why he’s estranged from some of his kids, but Gwendlyn rebuked his statement, saying that the blame should have and should always be placed on Kody’s shoulders. “It’s not fair for him to blame it on my mom when he’s the one that’s not showing up,” she told her viewers. “I probably am the worst one in the situation because I complained all the time about how my dad hadn’t shown up … It’s definitely not my mom.”

What’s more, Gwendlyn even revealed that she’s not alone in harboring feelings of contempt toward Kody. Her siblings apparently share the same sentiments. “We probably dislike our father more than she [Christine] does,” she said.


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