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Why Jane Fonda’s Niece Bridget Has No Intention Of returning to acting

Why Jane Fonda's Niece Bridget Has No Intention Of returning to acting

It has been reported that Fonda is set to appear in a movie set in the Philippines in May 2019. The movie is said to be about a woman who is married to an”enemy of the state” and “a paid assassin for the government”.

why jane fondas niece bridget has no intention of returning to acting

On April 19, Bridget Fonda made a rare public appearance when she was seen outside the Los Angeles International Airport. A photographer asked if the actor would consider a return to Hollywood, and she explained why that was not in the cards. “No,” she replied, per the New York Post. “I don’t think so, it’s too nice being a civilian.” Fonda had been spotted by the paparazzi a year earlier, in January 2022. That was the first time she had been photographed in public in 12 years — since making a red carpet appearance at the “Inglorious Basterds” premiere in 2009 alongside her husband, composer Danny Elfman.

Not long after wrapping her final acting gig, Fonda was in a scary car crash in February 2003. Authorities said the accident was “weather related” and that the vehicle had been “totaled,” per CNN. At the time, it was believed that Fonda had not sustained any major injuries. Although, it was later revealed that the “Kiss of the Dragon” star had sustained a fractured back.

In December 2003, Fonda tied the knot with Elfman. The couple opted for a wedding away from the spotlight, although the nuptials were later confirmed by Fonda’s publicist. According to People, Fonda’s father was on hand to give the bride away, and the reception was held at a restaurant. In 2005, Fonda and Elfman had their first child, a baby boy named Oliver Henry Milton. It appeared that Fonda decided to focus her efforts on marriage and motherhood and left her acting career by the wayside.


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