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Already moved on from whipped coffee? Take things to the next level with this anti-inflammatory turmeric version

If your morning routine has involved making some sort of whipped beverage lately, you’re not alone. Nearly the entire internet has been obsessed with whipped coffee ever since it went viral on TikTok. From there, the trend (which originated in South Korea, by the way!) transformed into a whipped matcha latte, and now there’s a new one in town—this turmeric version that will bring on all the anti-inflammatory benefits.

The formula for making any whipped beverage is quite simple. It’s qual parts of your prime ingredient (be it instant coffee, matcha powder, or in this case, ground turmeric powder), hot water, and sugar in a bowl. Then, you use a hand mixer to beat the mixture until it’s thick. While coffee tends to get the fluffiest, the other versions don’t disappoint. With a little patience, you’re left with a super-creamy drink that beats a plain ol’ latte any day.

After you have your thick whipped turmeric latte mixture, you simply pour it over a glass filled with some ice cubes and your favorite alt-milk. Since turmeric tastes a little jarring if you’re not used to it—even with the help of sugar!—you can also add in a splash of vanilla creamer and top it with a little cinnamon to help balance the flavor.

When you’re ready to switch things up, here’s how to make a whipped turmeric latte at home. No pro barista needed.

Whipped turmeric latte

2 tablespoons ground turmeric powder
2 tablespoons coconut sugar
2 tablespoons hot water
1 cup milk or alt-milk (whole, skim, oat, soy, almond, cashew, etc.)

1. Put the ground turmeric in a bowl. Add two tablespoons hot water, and mix until the turmeric is completely dissolved.
2. Stir in two tablespoons coconut sugar. Then using a hand mixer, beat the mixture until it’s thick. This will take a while.
3. Once it’s ready, partially fill a glass with some ice cubes and your alt-milk of choice, leaving room for the turmeric. Add any flavorings you want, like vanilla creamer. Then, scoop or pour the whipped turmeric on top and sip away.

These are the benefits of turmeric, explained by a dietitian:


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