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First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for The Secret and all the teachings I have received from it. It has transformed my life so much.

So in my current workplace, I have made a really amazing group of friends. We hang out together a lot, we have made such amazing memories, and we love spending time with each other.

Then one by one, they started to quit the office and it was just two of us left. Even then we all met outside the office, we made time to hang out. But at one point due to some carelessness things kind of fell apart, and we did not meet for months. We had made no plans and hardly had any contact. I had never really had any friends and this was the first time that I had been a part of a friends group, and they are the best friends I have ever met. So I really missed them a lot, literally every day, and I wanted to meet with them. But nothing happened, even one of them left the Whatsapp group we had created. We all went our different ways and like this many months passed. I kept missing them a lot and badly wanted to meet them.

So recently I have been going through a shift where I was manifesting things really fast, like my first iPhone, and many other things. So one day I decided to sit quietly and just visualize meeting my friends, spending time with them, and expressing how grateful I am to have them in my life. Then I just left it to the Universe. I didn’t dwell on it one bit after that because I knew the Universe would do its thing.

Then one day one of them contacted me and said we’re making a plan for all of us to meet. I wasn’t really shocked because I knew my manifestation power. I was just so happy. But since it was a last minute plan, some friends couldn’t make it so we had to cancel it. Either way, I didn’t feel sad even one bit! I said to myself, we’ll all meet soon. I was just so happy to manifest a plan after meditating, something that hadn’t happened for over 6 months I was able to manifest it in a day!

Following this, just 4 days later, she again contacted me and we made another plan. And finally met!! I knew we would meet! We all had such an amazing time together, it was beautiful! I love how quickly I am manifesting things nowadays. I am so excited to manifest many more things!
Also, I forgot to add that before meditating, I actually came here and read stories about friends reuniting, so that helped a lot too. It gave me hope, and made me feel positive!!

So thank you all who post your amazing success stories here. They inspired me to manifest so much! I have also had a lot of help by using The Secret Super App. The Secret Super App helps me be consistent with feeling gratitude and staying positive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I have been using The Secret for many years but at this point I feel like I’m going through a magical shift where I am manifesting everything instantly. I have mastered manifesting!

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