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9 years ago, I met her in a training program at work and I really liked her. She was like a baby, very innocent, funny, adorable, and very beautiful. Over a period of time, I started falling in love with her. I wanted to live my life happily with this girl.

At first, it seemed very difficult because of her relationship status and her family being opposed to love marriages and to marrying outside her caste and our different backgrounds. Also, 2 years passed since I met her and I felt I had less time, since she was already 26 by now, a ripe age for marriage for a woman in India.

But somehow, fortunately, my strong desire, my strong love, and my faith in the Universe created magical circumstances where everything aligned. I was reading and practicing stuff related to visualization, affirmations, and actions which made me feel like I already had what I wanted.

She fell in love with me despite all the troubles she was going through. She said there was a strong feeling inside her that made her attracted to me. I was a dark skinned, bespectacled, average looking guy. Through some strange set of circumstances, we both traveled together for about 5 days and that was the most awesome experience in our lives. We felt real love. She said it was some deep emotion that made her feel very good. Being with me made her feel very comfortable and peaceful.

Now, love was there but marriage was still far away. I had responsibilities at home, so she had to wait. We both also had to convince our families.

She had to face pressure at home once again. The last time was due to a previous relationship that didn’t get accepted and this time due to not getting married. But once my responsibilities at home were done, I thought I was ready. But circumstances and some unfortunate events at my home due to COVID still did not permit it. She had to wait again.

After a year or so, I spoke to my family at home and I was met with stiff resistance. By this time, at her home, her family was furious at her for not getting married. But by then they were okay to let her marry any guy of her choice. Her family finally agreed.

So, we again waited trying to convince my family. I was at the receiving end of the problem this time. There was too much emotional blackmailing going on that I had to face.

Finally, I decided that we had enough of it. It was 6 long years since we were in a relationship and she had sacrificed a lot for me. I decided to go against my family’s blackmail, hoping and believing strongly that they would accept me, her, and our relationship.

We got married a couple of months ago. Dream fulfilled! My in-laws are very good to me.

I am really grateful and thankful to God and the Universe that I am married to her now. The bonus is that we are now expecting our first child!

I am also sure and believe that the Universe is aligning things so that my family is accepting our relationship and we have a great life with my side of the family, too. Thank you for The Secret.

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I am a 33 year old male from India. I didn’t believe in all this stuff or miracles earlier. But after a few positive events and wishes getting fulfilled with techniques from the law of attraction, I am now a firm believer in the law of attraction.

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