After Chris Pratt Shared The First Look At Garfield, I Cannot Get ‘Pasta’ The Fan Comments

Garfield hates Mondays, which is weird because he doesn’t have a day job. But this last Monday was a pretty good one if you’re seriously awaiting The Garfield Movie starring Chris Pratt, as we got the first Garfield Movie trailer. But what’s almost as interesting as the trailer itself is the range of responses that run from the positive to the negative to the decidedly dad joke.

Chris Pratt has been the king of voice work recently having voiced Mario in one of the biggest theatrical hits of the year, and now he’s taken on the role of Garfield the cat. He shared the Garfield movie trailer in a Twitter post, which revealed how this version of Garfield will sound. 

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The responses to Chris Pratt’s post have been wide-ranging to say the least. For the most part the responses have been “in character” with a strong focus on those traditional Garfield elements that we all know, whether or not we ever actually a fan of classic comic strip. It’s a lot of Monday jokes and pasta jokes, including an absolutely groan-worthy dad joke.  

Did you hear about the man who choked on his lasagna? He pasta way.

The majority of the responses are, of course, focused on Pratt’s vocal performance. After conquering the world of action franchises by becoming part of both the Jurassic Park franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seems the actor has decided to conquer all of voice acting. He had a great turn in The LEGO Movie where he voiced an original character, but since then he has become the on-screen voice for both Nintendo’s Mario and Garfield. The joke of Pratt being named as the voice for literally any other character has become its own meme. Some just assume Pratt will take on even more iconic characters over time.

Mr Pratt, at this point, who AREN’T you?!

As far as the actual reviews of Chris Pratt’s performance, at least so far, the audience is split. While people were very worried about what Pratt’s Mario voice would be, in the end, nobody seemed to have too much of an issue with it. That seems to be the case here as well, as many think Pratt sounds perfect as Garfield. 

😍 This movie!!!!! You do a great job at voicing Garfield.

This is not to say that everybody feels that way. There are those in Pratt’s Twitter comments that are pointing out that as with Mario, he’s not really doing any sort of voice, and just sounds like himself. While lots of voice actors do this, especially of the celebrity variety, some wonder if maybe he couldn’t have tried to do a little something different this time around. 

Have you considered learning how to actually voice act? Just wondering cause this is the worst Garfield voice I’ve ever heard 🙂

Of course, there’s another element of the Garfield trailer that is also getting a lot of responses, the very obvious product placement. While we know that Garfield loves pasta, and lasagna in particular, one would hope he’d have better taste than Olive Garden. 

olive gardens is now canon to the Garfield Cinematic Universe

The Garfield Movie cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Brett Goldstein and Ving Rhames among others and it hits theaters this summer. We’ll certainly have heard more of Chris Pratt as the character by then, and we can bet that there will be many more strong opinions.  


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