After Seeing Wish, I Think Disney Needs To Consider Handling It Like The Frozen Franchise

The Walt Disney Company is celebrating 100 years of animation, and part of that anniversary includes Wish, an animated movie that pays tribute to the magic that has has made the historic company shine for a century. Wish hit theaters over Thanksgiving weekend, and while critics are focusing on its disappointing opening at the box office, I think we should be talking about the legacy the movie could have if Disney got serious about it. After all, this new movie has all the pieces that made Frozen a franchise success; it just needs a little more support.

Like Frozen, Wish is full of beautiful music, has an empowering story, and features side characters that are adorable and entertaining. It centers on friendship and hope over romantic love, and it truly is a love letter to Disney animation’s legacy, especially with the hidden Mouse House easter eggs. Wish even has some of the same creative team from Frozen behind it, including writer Jennifer Lee and co-directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn. And yet, the studio doesn’t seem to be giving Wish the same attention as it gave its money-making Snow Queen and her quirky sister. 

With the movie not even out a full week, there’s time for Disney to turn the tide and support Wish unconditionally. I definitely am wishing on a star that this historic movie gets turned into a major franchise. In fact, I have several ideas on how the company can make sure of it! 

Asha and her goat in Wish.

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Wish Could Be The Next Disney Broadway Musical 

While Disney seems to be focused on creating live-action versions of its animated classics, the company seems to be neglecting a vital part of the Disney brand: Broadway musicals. The last addition to the lineup was Frozen, which premiered back in 2017, with Coco set to join the Disney on Broadway line up soon. While I’m happy the line up is growing, I can’t help but hope Wish is next to join the amazing stage shows. 

The minute Asha burst into song in Wish, I knew I needed to see this story be brought to life on stage. It’s a rather easy story to adapt since the magical elements aren’t that far-fetched. Star and Valentine could easily be turned into puppets in the way Sven and Olaf are. Perhaps Disney could even take a page out of The Lion King’s book and return to large, fantastical sets when building the Kingdom of Rosas. And don’t even get me started on the large ensemble numbers that could rival those in Aladdin. 

Wish doesn’t need a live-action remake in the traditional form, but it does deserve a Broadway musical. At the very least, I think Wish would make the perfect stage show at one of the Disney parks around the world. With Disneyland’s “Tale of the Lion King” show leaving the Fantasyland Theater, it’s the perfect time to show this new movie some love in a different form. 


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Asha & Star Would Make The Perfect Addition To Disneyland’s Magic Happens Parade 

Speaking of Disneyland, nothing celebrates Disney movies more than having a float in one of the parades. While the Happiest Place on Earth’s parade Magic Happens is currently on hiatus for the holiday season, it is likely to return in the new year. 

Since the parade aims to celebrate magic in animated movies, Wish would be the perfect addition. Asha, Star and the rest of the Rosas gang could join the likes of Moana, Sleeping Beauty, Coco and, of course, Mickey Mouse. Luckily, there are plenty of places a Wish-themed float could fit it. In my opinion, it would make a lovely addition in between The Sword in the Stone and The Princess and the Frog units, or perhaps even serve as a great finale following Aurora and Prince Phillip.

It might take some time for an entire float to be constructed, so I’m not getting my hopes up. However, it would be a lot easier to have Asha and maybe a Star puppet join the walking cast of magical characters like Peter Pan and Genie. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the parade returns in 2024. 

Wish characters singing Knowing What I Know Now

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I’d Love To See Wish Take The Ice 

In addition to movies, theme parks, cruise ships, and musicals, Disney also has a successful lineup of ice skating shows that tour the country. There are currently five different themed shows right now that include various characters skating along to fan favorite Disney songs. 

Disney on Ice rarely does a show centered around one singular movie, so it’s more likely that Wish would be added to an existing one. Personally, Magic in the Stars seems to be begging for a Wish unit.

Asha in Wish

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“This Wish” Is The Perfect Song To Carry The Brand Into The Next Century

I can’t be the only one who’s had enough of “Let It Go.” The song is 10 years old, and yet it still pops up everywhere I go. Disney seems keen on using it as much as possible, but I think it is time to let the song retire. 

“This Wish” would be the perfect song to carry on the legacy of iconic Disney songs. It could be the perfect finale song for a fireworks show or even a celebration song for Magic Kingdom’s rope drop celebration. You don’t believe me? Use your Disney+ subscription to watch The Wonderful World of Disney Magical Holiday Celebration special and see Ariana DeBose perform the song at Disneyland Paris. It’s definitely magical! 

Beyond the parks, “This Wish” captures what the Walt Disney Company is all about. It’s empowering and inspiring, not to mention extremely catchy (it’s been in my head all month thanks to the trailer on TV). It seems like the perfect song to usher in the new century of storytelling the company is entering. 

Frozen has had a long and historic run, but it’s time for Disney to shift its attention away from the sisters and show love to some of its other movies. Wish might not be perfect, but it does capture the legacy and history of the animation studio in a way that deserves to be celebrated for years to come. If Disney gets serious, Wish has the potential to be a franchise that’s not only profitable, but also emotionally impactful for audiences. 

You can catch Wish in theaters now. Don’t forget to also look over the upcoming Disney Movies so you don’t miss out on what the studio has on the way! 


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