Angelina Jolie Got Honest About What Changed After Her Divorce From Brad Pitt

Over the course of almost a decade, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce has posed various challenges and hurdles throughout the dissolution of the former power couple’s marriage. It hasn’t been easy, with clashes like the partial sale of a winery Jolie and Pitt co-owned making big news, and the Girl Interrupted actor herself has noticed that fact in some unique ways. 

But through a recent interview, Angelina reflected about what she’s noticed about her life and her surroundings, getting honest about how things have changed in light of these proceedings. Speaking with WSJ about her current artistic and sartorial endeavors, she even reflected on those changes in a frank but fair manner. 

One wouldn’t blame her, as the lingering Jolie/Pitt legal dramas have left both actors, and their family, looking for it all to be over. Which leads to Angelina’s conversation, in which she noted those great changes in her outlook and how she lives her life,  summed up thusly: 

It’s part of what happened after my divorce. I lost the ability to live and travel as freely. I will move when I can.

The multi-talented creator, who was most recently seen on screen in Marvel’s Eternals in 2021, enforced a real importance on travel in her life. Angelina Jolie admitted that travelling was, and still is, something that’s important to her, partially thanks her late mother Marcheline Bertrand. Jolie also cited the fact that thanks to her travels and humanitarian work, she’s found herself identifying and befriending refugees worldwide.

Angelina’s reasoning for that outlook comes from the fact that she notices strength and humanity most in those who have survived horrific atrocities. And traveling seems to be something that’s kept her honest in her everyday life, as Ms. Jolie’s interview saw her espousing some critical views of Hollywood.

In light of those comments, one can see how this belief in cathartic travel is important to the Academy Award winner; which only makes her remarks all the more bittersweet. That’s even more apparent when diving into Angelina Jolie’s story of being raised in the culture, thanks to her father Jon Voight’s celebrity.

That experience left Angelina Jolie ultimately unimpressed, as well as calling the town out as shallow. Further highlighting those views, the former Tomb Raider star also had this to say: 

Of all the places in the world, Hollywood is not a healthy place. So you seek authenticity.

As litigation over the Jolie/Pitt winery continues, the iconic actor is still working and still making her way through the challenges of life. With one of Angelina Jolie’s upcoming movies, director Pablo Larraín’s Maria, the versatile icon is pushing her acting chops to include a bit of opera singing, we can see that not all of the challenges she’s facing are negative. Authenticity, as always, seems to be guiding her. 

Though she may not feel she’s able to travel as freely as she once did, at the very least Angelina is keeping busy and enriching herself through her career. Let’s hope that it’s not too long before Ms. Jolie gets to follow through with her plans, and move somewhere she feels is more conducive to her ideal way of life.  


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