I Stepped Into Poor Things’ Salon Of Seduction, And Was Transported Into The Wonderfully Weird World Of Emma Stone’s Bella Baxter

Bella Baxter’s fantastical world in Poor Things has been brought into reality, and you can visit it! Located in Brooklyn, New York, Searchlight Pictures has taken over the Maison Premiere to transport fans of Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone’s movie into the wonderfully weird and wild fantasy they’ve created in their project on the 2023 movie schedule

In celebration of Poor Things’ release, the fact that this might be one of Emma Stone’s best movies, and the loving reception Yorgos Lanthimos’ film received from critics and fans alike, the Salon of Seduction has opened for one weekend to give fans an experience that oozes the wonderfully wacky energy from this magnificent project. So, when CinemaBlend got the invite to check it out, we had to go see this fantastical world for ourselves and let me tell you, it was incredible. 

A photo of the outside of the Salon of Seduction.

(Image credit: Riley Utley)

How The Salon Of Seduction Transported Me Into Bella Baxter’s World

Immediately when I stepped into the Salon of Seduction I thought back to what I knew about the movie Poor Things as I was greeted by people playing creatures in a place similar to Swiney’s brothel. The colors, music, and overall vibe of the restaurant were reminiscent of the film’s setting, and I was in awe.

After the owner of the Salon walked us through a luxe purple curtain, all of us were asked to stand in our own stalls that featured a gorgeous floral arrangement, a plate with art from the film on it, and a curtain covering a window into the world we were about to enter. 

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Mark Ruffalo lounging in the Poor Things trailer.

(Image credit: Searchlight)

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Then, two of the Salon’s employees walked around opening every curtain, preparing us for the multimedia performance they were about to put on. Using creative lighting, the score of the film by Jerskin Fendrix, delicious food from Maison Premiere, and drinks provided by Fords Gin the experience truly captured all the senses. 

After we were given oysters, a caramel meringue, and a cocktail made with gin, dry vermouth, creme de Violette, absinthe rinse and orange peel, two dancers performed a number inspired by Bella’s liberating journey in the film. 

Once the performance was over, we were ushered away from the peep-show-like performance space, and left through a lobby decorated with photos and items from the film. 

Overall, it was a mystical experience, and much like the positive reviews for Poor Things, I was utterly woo-ed by the candy-colored world Bella Baxter inhabits. 

A image inside the Salon of Seduction.

(Image credit: Riley Utley)

You Can Enter the Salon Of Seduction Too 

If you adore what is lovingly being called Emma Stone’s weirdest movie, and you want to step into the world of Stone’s beloved Bella Baxter, Mark Ruffalo’s pompous Duncan and Willem Dafoe’s God, you can! Poor Things has taken over the Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, New York from December 8 through 10 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 5:15 p.m. to 10 p.m. each day.

Reservations are required through Explore Tock, however, there is also a standby line available that runs on a first-come, first-served basis. 

It’s an immersive experience that is perfect for those looking to escape reality for a few minutes and step into the wonderfully weird world of Bella Baxter. So, make sure to take advantage of this unique pop-up experience while it’s around, and after you experience the Salon of Seduction, make sure to check out Poor Things, which is currently playing in theaters. 


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