Jackass’ Bam Margera And Steve-O Have Been Estranged, But It Sounds Like A Wrestling Star Is Helping Them Make Up

Jackass remains one of the most beloved media franchises in all of pop culture, as fans collectively still have a soft spot for MTV’s band of daredevils. Unfortunately though, there’s been a little bit of animosity within their ranks over the last few years. OG member Bam Margera has had beef with several of his former cohorts, including Steve-O. Though the entertainer and author tried to help Margera early on, they eventually started keeping their distance from one another. There now seems to be a glimmer of hope, however, when it comes to a reconciliation between the two. That’s apparently because a notable wrestling star is helping them reconnect. 

The performer, whose real name is Stephen Glover, has been incredibly candid when discussing his relationship with his former co-star during the last several months. Much of what he’s had to say involves his concerns for Bam Margera, who has struggled with addiction. Thankfully, Glover had some positive news to report during an installment of his Wild Ride! Podcast. In a clip shared to TikTok, the 49-year-old stuntman revealed he’s been wanting to connect with Margera over skateboarding, which is something they both love. And to do so, Glover asked a good friend to reach out to the Viva La Bam star – AEW star Darby Allin: 

He’s pretty tight with Bam. He came over, and he’s skating the ramp a couple of days ago. And I was like, Hey man, I lost touch with Bam, I don’t have a number for him, I don’t really have anything, you know? But I want Bam to see my ramp, dude. Could you text him this clip? And Darby let me know that Bam got back to him, and Bam asked, ‘Was Steve-O talking shit about me?’ And Darby said, ‘No, he wasn’t. He just wants you to skate his ramp.’

Given everything that’s transpired between the two in recent months, that’s certainly a solid first step to repairing their friendship. Reunions don’t typically happen overnight, especially when it comes to delicate situations like these. While I’m glad the MTV vet extended an olive branch, one really has to give credit to Darby Allin for being the real MVP here. He definitely didn’t have to go out of his way to send that message, but it’s so great that he did. Kudos to the TNT Championship winner for playing peacemaker following what’s been a somewhat uneasy time for two former co-stars.

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Bam Margera notably filed suit against his colleagues a few years ago after he was removed from Jackass Forever after reportedly failing a drug test. In the aftermath, Steve-O stated that his relationship with Margera was still sturdy and proved that by taking him on tour with him. The former clown hoped to give his buddy an outlet while he attempted to achieve sobriety. Months later though, Margera took shots at his buddy in a diss track that he dropped and, shortly after, he took more shots at Steve-O by criticizing his skateboarding skills. This eventually led to a back-and-forth between the pair that persisted for a few weeks. 

Despite all of that, it sounds like the A Hard Kick in the Nuts author is prepared to bury the hatchet, and he continues to root for his old buddy. So it should come as no surprise that after he spoke about how the AEW veteran sent the message, he revealed a positive update the wrestler shared with him:

The craziest part of why I brought up Darby Allin is that he told me that Bam’s got his alcohol monitor/bracelet off. … He’s got it off, and he isn’t wasted. That’s crazy.

Steve-O showed a significant amount of concern for Bam Margera over this past year. He even penned a (since-deleted) emotional message on Instagram, in which he opined that his friend was “dying.” His situation has been looking better in recent weeks, though, as Margera has not only been open about his struggles but also how he’s received help with his sobriety journey. One can only hope that he continues to make progress on that front and that his bond with his former on-screen partner improves. We’ll see how that all pans out as time goes on and whether Darby Allin continues to play middleman for them as well.

To see the two skateboarders at the peak of their powers, use a Paramount+ subscription to stream the various installments in the Jackass film franchise as well as the OG show.


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