Jonathan Majors’ Legal Issues Are Extending Across The Pond, In Addition To The Case In NY

Actor Jonathan Majors’ starpower was steadily growing over the last few years, partly thanks to his acclaimed roles as the villain of both Creed III and Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. But his career came to a screeching halt when Majors was charged with assault earlier this year in New York. And it turns out that his legal issues are extending across the pond, in addition to the ongoing case in the states. Buckle up.

Majors’ legal issues are heating up, and he’s expected to go to trial in New York this month. But Rolling Stone revealed that he may be facing more legal issues in the U.K.. Because Met Police revealed to the publication that there’s currently an investigation surrounding Jonathan Majors across the pond. Specifically related to allegations of physical assaults that reportedly occurred around London in 2022. A spokesperson clarified the state of that investigation, offering:

Enquiries are ongoing; no arrests have been made.

While nothing is set in stone, this is yet another legal issue that may be following the Loki actor. Majors and his legal team have maintained his innocence, claiming he was actually the victim in the scuffle that occurred in New York with his ex. We’ll just have to wait and see if any charges are made in the U.K. while he faces the courts stateside.

There are constant updates about Jonathan Majors’ case in the states. Just last week Majors hit a setback when his attempt to have the charges dismissed. It looks like the trial will begin later this month, there will no doubt be plenty of eyes on how it all goes. Especially given how much give and take has already occurred between the legal teams of both Majors and his ex.

Indeed, Majors’ lawyers have attempted to poke holes in the story and allegations made by his ex, including showing their text messages from the night of the alleged Majors incident. And smart money says this strategy will be used once the former couple actually faces off in court. Although there’s another fold if Majors ends up being charged or arrested in relation to the current investigation happening in the U.K.. Only time will tell. 

These legal situations have the potential to have a great effect on Jonathan Majors’ career as a star of film and TV. Fans are wondering if Majors will end up being replaced as Kang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He recently appeared in Loki Season 2, as the legal situation plays out. But since the next Avengers movie is titled The Kang Dynasty, the stakes are high.

Majors’ time as Kang (so far) is streaming now on Disney+. Be sure to check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 


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