Kevin Hart Just Filed A Lawsuit Against His Former Assistant After She Put Him On Blast In Interview

Kevin Hart remains one of the busiest stars in all of Hollywood, as he’s constantly booked and busy. Amid all of his professional obligations, though, the veteran actor and comedian now finds himself embroiled in a legal matter. It’s been reported that Hart is suing YouTuber Tasha K as well as his former assistant. This move stems from an online interview conducted between the social media maven and Hart’s former employee, who put him on blast. At present, the comic is leveling specific allegations against both his assistant and Tasha.

Tasha K (whose actual name is Latasha Kebe) interviewed Miesha Shakes, who worked for Kevin Hart’s company from 2017 to 2020, at the end of 2023. Their chat was posted to the Instagram and YouTube pages for Unwine with Tasha K on December 22, according to People. During the discussion, Shakes accused Hart of having had an extramarital affair at his office and said that she told the A-lister’s wife, Eniko, about it. Shakes also alleged that the Central Intelligence star had a gambling addiction. When the conversation was advertised on social media, the video was captioned as “the interview that Kevin Hart will WISH NEVER CAME OUT!!”

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The trade reports that the funnyman and media mogul filed suit against both women in Los Angeles Superior Court near the end of this past December. He’s currently looking to sue them for civil extortion and invasion of privacy (public disclosure of private facts). Additionally, he’s specifically suing Latasha Kebe for intentional interference with contractual relations.

Per the suit, a rep for Kevin Hart received a message from an individual “affiliated with Kebe” back in November. It’s alleged that, at the time, the unnamed individual claimed that an interview had been filmed – one that “would be damaging to Hart’s reputation.” Supposedly, the person said that “Kebe would publish the Interview unless Hart paid a ransom of $250,000.” Hart’s team reportedly filed a cease and desist order and stipulated that any conversation would violate a non-disclosure agreement his former assistant was subject to. The star also declared that Miesha Shakes shared sentiments “that were false, including that Hart recorded a video of a sexual encounter, and that he faced criminal charges regarding that supposed incident.”

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This isn’t the only legal and celebrity-related situation Tasha K has found herself embroiled in. Cardi B filed suit against her in 2019 after the blogger made claims about the singer that were dubbed inaccurate. The Grammy winner’s suit was ultimately successful, and Tasha was ordered to pay $4 million. In recent days, Cardi has taken legal action to ensure she gets that money, as reported by HipHop DX. Tasha also ran afoul of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith in 2023. This happened after she interviewed Brother Bilal – Will’s supposed former assistant – who claimed he witnessed Mr. Smith having sex with actor Duane Martin. Both Will and Jada responded to the claims, calling them “nonsense” and noting their intention to sue. 

All the while, Kevin Hart had a relatively eventful year. While he didn’t have any new movies hit theaters or streaming, Hart saw the release of his and Chris Rock’s Headliners Only special, which is dominating Netflix right now. He also had a few notable viral moments, including one that saw him showing off his bartending skills

It remains to be seen just what happens with the case between the comedian (who found himself tied up in a NFT lawsuit with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jimmy Fallon and more in 2022) and Tasha K. Of course, there are also remaining questions in regard to the YouTuber’s other legal entanglements. 

Kevin Hart’s latest movie, Lift, drops on January 12 as part of the 2024 movie schedule and will be available to Netflix subscription holders.


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