Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Exactly Have A Dad Bod, But He Does Have Some Thoughts About Playing A Grandfather In Movies Soon

Leading man Mark Wahlberg is 52 years old right now, which may be hard for some to believe. As of late, he’s been making some changes in his life such as moving his family from Hollywood to Las Vegas. Not only that, but Wahlberg wants to start a “new chapter” in his career, one that sees him taking on more “meaningful” roles. As the Father Stu actor isn’t getting any younger, he just discussed the possibility of playing a grandfather in movies soon — even though he doesn’t exactly have a dad bod.

Some actors tend to have concerns about aging up in Hollywood, as the kinds of roles one gets differ as time goes on. Getting older doesn’t seem to both Mark Wahlberg, though. While on the set of the 2023 new movie release of The Family Plan,ET spoke to the man formerly known as Marky Mark, who is proudly embracing what’s to come:

I’m a dad now — embracing my old age, a lot of guys my age in the business would probably say, ‘Well, that character has grown kids or kids in their late teens, I don’t want to play that role.’ I’m embracing that. I look forward to playing a grandfather soon.

Yes, really. Mark Wahlberg is ready to be called “grandpa.” At least when he’s in character anyway. Considering we all have to get older at some point, it’s better to welcome the inevitable as opposed to straying away from it. He also doesn’t mind participating in productions that celebrate the power of a family unit. His latest film, The Family Plan, is about a man who left his life as a top assassin behind to be a husband and father. However, his family eventually discovers his former life once the past catches up with him. The dynamic amongst the clan was what appealed to Wahlberg when he read the script of the action-comedy, and it seems he’s all in on this “new chapter.”

While he’s prepared to get “grandfather” old, his fit body says otherwise. Known for being a real fitness buff, he apparently can do more pull-ups than former wrestler Dwayne Johnson. (40 clean ones, he says!) How does this talented actor stay in shape so flawlessly? The Lovely Bones star shared his fitness tips by advising fans to throw themselves into a routine but to start small. To look like an action star, he’s also utilized a healthy diet of egg whites, Ezekiel bread, Greek yogurt, protein shakes, turkey burgers and chicken. Naturally, though, you can adjust that as needed based on your own health needs.

Mark Wahlberg also says it’s important to listen to your body and take a rest when you need it. But of course, don’t get too comfortable and fall into a sedentary lifestyle. It seems he’s followed his own advice, as he’s gotten back in shape after gaining 30 pounds for Father Stu. With that, I’d say that Wahlberg is a true testament to perseverance and hard work.

Right now, I don’t know if I can picture Mark Wahlberg as a senior citizen who’s all gray-haired and chill. But once he’s eligible for the early-bird special, I bet he’ll still look like he just came back from the gym. In the meantime, know that The Family Plan will be hitting your Apple TV+ subscription on December 15th. 


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