‘You Haven’t Been Around Much’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Pokes Fun At Rob Lowe For Remaining Closer Friends With Ex-Wife Maria Shriver Since Their Divorce

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rob Lowe

During his decades-long career in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger has befriended more than a few A-listers. Dwayne Johnson, Jon Bon Jovi and Sylvester Stallone are only a few of the major names he’s become chummy with. Fan-favorite actor Rob Lowe is also part of the Terminator actor’s posse, though it would seem their dynamic was somewhat changed by Schwarzeneggar’s divorce. Apparently, since he and Maria Shriver separated over a decade ago, Lowe has been closer with Shriver. He and the former California governor still seem to be cool, but that didn’t stop the action icon from poking fun at him. 

Arnold Schearzenegger has a good sense of humor and also doesn’t mind throwing playful jabs, especially towards those he’s closest with. His witty demeanor shone through when he appeared on an episode of Rob Lowe’s Literally! Podcast via a preview obtained by ET. The 76-year-old Schwarzenegger humorously chastised his old buddy when he set the record straight regarding where Lowe’s allegiances lied amid the divorce:

Let the story be told that since I got divorced from Maria, you haven’t been around much.

The West Wing alum was, unsurprisingly, a great sport and took the jovial ribbing in stride. In fact, he seemed to confirm his friend’s assertion with a funny quip of his own regarding Maria Shriver:

I think she got custody.

While I’ve admittedly never been in such a situation, I would imagine that it’s tough when two of your friends – who were once romantically involved – opt to part ways. That was probably even more challenging in this case given that infidelity factored into the split. Arnold Schwarzenegger went on to share more of his recollections about that period in his life. Based on his description, it sounds like he was essentially ghosted by his friend, with whom he apparently shared some good times with: 

You wanted to prove to her that you’re loyal to her and not to me. So, because even though we didn’t have any of those things, we always had friends that were loyal to me and to her, and they didn’t get involved in all of this stuff. But I mean, you did. It was like unbelievable how all of a sudden I said to Maria, ‘Why is Rob not showing up?’ … We had a lot of fun. And you came over to the house all the time. I kind of missed all that stuff. But you know, maybe eventually you’re gonna wake up and say, you know, ‘I can hang out with Arnold again and Maria’s not gonna decapitate me.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separated in 2011 after the former’s affair with their family’s housekeeper, Mildred Baena, came to light. Said affair produced the actor’s son, Joseph Baena, who’s since become an actor in his own right. Ultimately, Shriver and Schwarzenegger’s divorce didn’t become official until 2021. While the exact reason for the delay was not revealed, sources claimed it was due to “a lack of motivation” and a potentially “complicated” settlement agreement. In any case, Schwarzenegger has been candid about the breakup and how he and Shriver have since built a cordial relationship.

As for his relationship with Rob Lowe, it would seem the Last Action Hero star is totally cool with him, in spite of the jokes. Hopefully, the two are able to link up again regularly, kicking back and enjoying some good cigars. And of course, Lowe will also want to be sure he’s linking up with Maria Shriver, too, as to not suggest he has a favorite between her and her ex-husband.


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