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A YouTuber Bought An Insane Amount Of Turnips In ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Too many Turnpis dos

Sunday for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players brings another chance to invest some of their well-earned money into a marketplace that can have big returns if you buy enough stalks. For those not playing, turnips are a food item that can only be purchased on Sundays from the traveling salesperson Daisy Mae. But they’re not really to be eaten: they act like something of a stock market, and players buy and then sell them back at a profit depending on their sale price throughout the course of the week. It takes a bit of effort to make a big profit, but it’s certainly possible if you have the money to invest and the patience to find a good deal.

The risk is that if you don’t sell them at all by the following Sunday they will rot. There’s no limit to how many turnips you can buy, but getting them all sold (and finding a place to store them) is often a challenge. You could always, of course, turnips at a low price, fill your entire town with them, and then sell them over the next few days for maximum profit. But that would take hours of work on a single Sunday and require even more work to actually sell them and make a profit. No one would ever be so foolish to attempt such a thing, right?

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The video above is from YouTuber Tom Fawkes, who apparently is absolutely going for it. Not only did he buy as many turnips as possible, but he filled his town with them. Every square inch. Turnips. This is too many turnips! Fawkes has clearly gone insane with mad turnip related power as he looks to corner the Animal Crossing stalk market. He will either come out of this with more bells than one could possibly imagine or he will end with a massive loss. It’s a huge gamble that according to the product description of his video is worth 23 million bells.

23 Million Bells worth of turnips. I’m either making bank or bankrupting. Either way, it was funny.

We’ll definitely need to see how he did selling these and check on how the markets treated him. If his Nook’s Cranny is only selling below the price he bought them at — say, 46 bells per turnip or something — he will have to search for an island with a better deal. And with the number of turnips he actually bought, he’ll probably have to do that several times over anyway. Then again, there’s a chance his local shop will pay out huge bells for all of those turnips and it won’t be a big deal. Only one way to find out, I suppose.

At the very least, it made for a very funny video for those that know how crazy the feat was.

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