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Andrew Lincoln’s Co-Stars Discuss The Only Thing That He Couldn’t Do Well On ‘The Walking Dead’

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Sarah Wayne Callies appears on this week’s second episode of Friday Night in with the Morgans, the weekly show in which Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his wife, Hilarie Burton, chat among friends for the comfort of AMC viewers. In last week’s episode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Supernatural co-star shared the story of how he introduced Burton and JDM, and in this week’s episode, they have Michael Cudlitz (sporting a full pandemic beard) and Sarah Wayne Callies.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Sarah Wayne Callies did not cross paths on The Walking Dead, but apparently, they are working together on a podcast that Sarah Wayne Callies is writing and directing called Aftershock. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Stranger Things‘ David Harbour will provide voice work on the podcast.

In any respect, one person that Callies, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Michael Cudlitz all have in common is Andrew Lincoln, who worked with all three in the course of the series. Sarah Wayne Callies also describes Lincoln as “one of the most capable people on television. He can do anything. He can speak in any accent. He can make things look easy. He can sweat and still be sexy.”

However, according to Callies, there is one thing that Lincoln cannot do, and that is drive.

“Because he is British.” Callies continues. “He’s from London, so he didn’t have a driver’s license until five minutes before he came to Georgia.” This ended up in a mishap where Lincoln had to drive a cop car in reverse, and he didn’t really know how to drive in reverse. “He went reverse in that shot in, like, honestly I think it was 40 miles per hour,” Callies says.

“You can see in the shot that Jon Bernthal gets out of the car sh*tting himself. I have never seen Jon more scared,” Callies laughs. You can actually see that shot below.

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Friday Night in with the Morgans continues to air on Friday nights on AMC.

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