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Better Call Saul Faced Some Massive Challenges In Filming The Finale

better call saul faced some massive challenges in filming the finale
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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, “Better Call Saul” showrunner Peter Gould painted a picture of the trials his team faced while shooting the series finale. In addition to facing significant challenges around filming during COVID-19, the production also needed to secure a realistic-looking set for the federal courtroom that plays host to Jimmy’s trial. Although the Supreme Court of New Mexico provided them with such a courtroom, Gould says it was only available on weekends, forcing the crew to shift their shooting schedule. On top of that, the weather caused its own set of problems. 

“We had a giant snowstorm that actually stuck a good portion of the crew at a location,” Gould recounted. “We shot at a prison, which was freezing cold and also was a working prison—it was very sobering and upsetting, let’s put it that way.” 

Gould continued recounting the weather-related issues that plagued the finale, adding, “We were out in the desert shooting a scene that was supposed to be in the blazing heat … and it was actually damn cold. Last season we shot in the desert and it was way too hot. And this time we shot in the desert, it was way too cold, so we just can’t win.”

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