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BREAKING: She was shocked to find out that her husband has a second family.

BREAKING: She was shocked to find out that her husband has a second family.

A woman has taken to social media to narrate how she discovered that her husband has a second family. She shared her problem on a relationship platform, explaining that her husband has a habit of meticulously sharing his salary into different envelopes, earmarked for different purposes. She said that she stumbled on another envelope which her husband had mistakenly forgotten. According to her, she had noticed that the envelope looked different from others. Upon picking it up, she noticed that it looked different from others and weighed heavier. She read the inscription on it and noticed that it was addressed to his ‘love’ asking her to take care of their kids. When the husband finally began looking for it, sweating profusely while at it, she asked him what he was looking for and he lied.

When my husband takes his salary, he separates the money into envelopes, meals, rent, lunch, pocket money and everything. Last time he dropped an envelope on the floor. I picked this up in the bedroom, it was very different from the other envelopes, I couldn’t resist opening it to see inside.Big surprise , a large amount of money, much more than he gives here, accompanied by “I love you my love, take good care of the children”. In shock I put the envelope in a safe place. He came back a moment later, all panicked and started rummaging around the room. I ask him, he tells me that he has lost a very important USB key which contains his files. He was sweating like someone with diarrhea.

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He’s been in a pitiful state for 3 days, but unable to tell me what he’s really looking for. Sir , I ask myself a lot of questions, should I keep the envelope or give it to him and confront him? What would you have done in my place?


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