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‘Force of Nature’ Trailer: Mel Gibson Fights Crooks During a Hurricane

force of nature trailer

Mel Gibson has entered Grumpy Old Man territory with Force of Nature, a movie that looks to be a combination of a disaster movie and a heist movie. When a group of thieves shows up during a Category 5 hurricane, Gibson’s retired cop character teams with a disgraced cop (Emile Hirsch) and others to save the day while pointing guns in every direction. Watch the Force of Nature trailer below.

Force of Nature Trailer


Following in the footsteps of Hard Rain and The Hurricane Heist (remember those movies?), here comes Force of Nature, about “a cop, a doctor, and a retired detective team up to battle a deadly gang of thieves as a brutal hurricane engulfs the city.” In the film, “As disgraced cop Cardillo (Emile Hirsch, Into the Wild) races to evacuate an apartment building, he comes across Dr. Troy (Kate Bosworth, Superman Returns) and her retired detective father, Ray (Mel Gibson, Braveheart). When a murderous gang of thieves arrives to rob a wealthy tenant, they must join forces to battle the criminals and escape with their lives before the entire city is deep underwater.” David Zayas, Stephanie Cayo, and Will Catlett also star, while Michael Polish – one of the Polish brothers, directors of quiet indie titles like Northfork and Twin Falls Idaho – is behind the camera.

This looks fine, I suppose. Although every time there’s a movie about a hurricane now, I will immediately think of “killer alligators in a storm” movie Crawl. Why can’t more movies be Crawl? Is that too much to ask? And is it too late to add some CGI gators into Force of Nature? Is it too late to add CGI gators into every movie, for that matter? Someone answer me.

Gibson and Hirsch both have controversial personal backgrounds, so Force of Nature may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Those who are interested, though, can catch the movie on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital on June 30.

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