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How did the UFC originate?

How did the UFC originate?

how did the ufc originate

The UFC is one of the most popular fighting sports disciplines of the 21st century. Currently it is possible to start online betting at the 1xBet platform, where this discipline occupies a prime space.

The discipline originated back in 1993, with the premise of locking 2 fighters with different martial arts backgrounds into a cage and seeing who wins. That’s basically how the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was born.

Back then, MMA wasn’t the big deal it is today. It was more like a scrappy underground scene, with fighters from disciplines facing each other trying to prove what style was the best, with 4 examples being:

  • karate;
  • jiu-jitsu;
  • boxing;
  • and wrestling.

It is possible to start making online betting through the 1xBet platform on great performers of the modern versions of this discipline too.

The first events

The 1st UFC event was held in Denver, Colorado. It had 3 elements that were quite controversial at the time, which were bare-knuckle fighting, no time limits and basically no weight classes. The betting line from allows you to wager on the best fighters that take part in fights of this discipline too.

In that 1st event, you had 8 fighters with different styles clashing in the octagon. The winner was a Brazilian named Royce Gracie, showing off his Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills by taking down opponents twice his size with slick submissions. If you use the line from 1xBet, you can start betting on who is likely to win a UFC match too.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There was backlash from all corners. People thought it was too brutal and barbaric. But you know what they say, any press is good press.

Growth of the sport

As the UFC grew, they had to clean up their act. They introduced 3 things: rules, weight classes, and safety measures. All of this was done to make sure fighters weren’t leaving the cage in pieces. Making online UFC gambling at 1xBet is quite exciting, and this is in large part due to the introduction of those elements too.

Fast forward to today, and the UFC is a global sensation. Pay-per-view events draw millions of viewers, and fighters like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey are household names.

Let’s talk about numbers. In 2021, the UFC raked in over $900 million in revenue. They have their own streaming service, UFC Fight Pass, with over 450,000 subscribers who can watch 3 different things: fights, documentaries, and exclusive content. There is online gambling on the UFC at 1xBet as well, where lots of things that happen during its exciting fights can be wagered as well.

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