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How Justin Bieber Cancelled Tour Because of Religious Beliefs

If you’re a true Belieber, then by now, you’ve no doubt heard the disheartening news that rocked the Internet to its core earlier:
Justin Bieber has canceled the shows remaining on his “Purpose” tour, leaving tens of thousands of fans gravely disappointed.
Reps for the Biebs claim he was simply too tired to carry on performing, and that excuse shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.
Bieber has cited exhaustion for canceling numerous events in the past, usually letting a whole lot of fans down in the process.
Many on social media have been quite vocal about it.
Specifically, fans, critics and comics alike can’t help but ask what the hell is making a seemingly healthy 23-year-old so damn tired all the time.
But now, it looks as though JB called off the tour not for reasons having to do with his body … but rather due to a crisis of the soul, girl.
Yes, TMZ is reporting this afternoon that ‎Justin has found Jesus, and the Son of God … doesn’t like arena shows, apparently?
We’re not really sure, but sources close to Justin say Bieber’s involvement with Hillsong Church led the singer to a surprising decision:
That he should cancel the remaining 14 stops on his tour.
It’s important to note that those same sources insist Hillsong leader Carl Lentz did not encourage Justin to cancel the dates.
Unfortunately, it seems Bieber is getting his signals crossed, as canceling the tour is probably not what J.C. would’ve done.
You see, it’s not just the fans Bieber is letting down, as he’s not just a pop star, but head of a major production in a sense.
Dozens of crew members who work long hours to support the concert tour now find themselves unexpectedly out of a job.
The crew is “incredibly pissed off at him,” as many were living paycheck-to-paycheck and their immediate financial futures are now in flux.
According to the site, anonymous crew members are scoffing at the idea that this is part of some spiritual awakening for Justin.
Instead, that say it’s just more of the bratty, selfish, me-first, woe-is-me behavior that the celebrity has been known for for years.
As of this report, despite the deluge of speculation and reports surrounding him, Bieber has yet to speak out on the matter directly.
He’s probably too tired.
Or he’s in church.
Whatever his excuse for being lame is these days, that’s what’s going on … and Twitter is having a field day with it.‎


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