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Idris Elba Is Urging Fans Not To Spread A Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

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After announcing that he tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, Idris Elba took some time during quarantine to update fans on his condition and strongly urge them not to spread conspiracy theories. In a Twitter Live Video, The Wire actor specifically called out one particular theory that’s as racially charged as it is deadly. CNN reports:

His first message was to ask people to stop spreading the false conspiracy theory that black people can’t contract Covid-19, saying “it’s dumb, it’s silly, it’s very dangerous.”

“Please guys, now is not the time,” he said. “People need to know facts, need to understand the truth so that they can protect themselves. Stop sending this stuff out. It’s very dangerous for all, not just black people, but for everyone.”

The Hobbs and Shaw star also walked fans through the events that led to him catching the coronavirus. According to Elba, he learned last Friday that he had been exposed to an individual who had tested positive for the virus. Upon hearing the news, Elba, who was working on a film set, immediately self-quarantined to prevent affecting others and had himself tested as quickly as possible. As we know, that test came back positive, and the experience has already turned the actor into a very vocal advocate for increased testing, which he feels is the “key” to battling the pandemic.

As for his health condition, Elba has so far only experienced mild symptoms, but there are justifiable concerns, which he’s handling with good humor:

And while he is “generally feeling OK” with just a slight runny nose but no fever (one of the symptoms of the virus), Elba said his asthma places him in the high-risk category given that coronavirus can affect the respiratory system.

“I’ve had asthma all my life and catching corona was not on my bucket list at all,” he joked. “But even my asthma is OK.”

The Luthor actor also lamented the “mental strain” after fans criticized his wife being next to him when he announced he had the virus. The couple did not expect that.

You can watch Idris Elba’s video update below:

(Via CNN)

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