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Kanye West Is Officially Hip-Hop’s Second Billionaire, According To Forbes

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Less than a year ago, Jay-Z found himself in a room occupied by no one else as hip-hop’s first billionaire. Now, Jay-Z will have to make room for a new billionaire. According to Forbes, Kanye West is officially hip-hop’s second billionaire, a title West had been seeking to receive for “months” according to the magazine.

After crunching the numbers, Forbes tallies West’s net worth to be $1.3 billion. Supplying the bulk of his net worth is his adidas shoe company Yeezy, which is currently valued at $1.26 billion. Next up, West’s discography and GOOD Music imprint are valued at $90 million and the rest of his net worth comes from his owned property ($81 million), land ($21 million) and stocks ($35 million). Despite the feat, West was unsatisfied with Forbes‘ reporting, claiming he’s actually worth $3.3 billion.

West claimed the magazine undervalued with the incorrect number. In response, Forbes said there was not enough independent verification on some of the figures that they were supplied. They also compared his numbers with an unwritten rule they created when valuing now- president Donald Trump: “take whatever the future president insisted he was worth, divide by 3, and start honing from there.” West complaints came on the backend of “months” of requests to officially receive the title as hip-hop’s second billionaire in which he claimed the magazine was being “disrespectful” and “purpose snubbing” him.

[via Forbes]

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