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Members of the Duggar family who don’t get along

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids are Amy Duggar King‘s cousins (her mother is Jim Bob’s sister), but viewers have always known that she grew up under a more liberal regime than they did. It’s clear from her appearances on the show that the Duggars are intrigued and entertained by the free-spirit who can dance and drink alcohol.

As Derick Dillard’s rift with his in-laws became undeniable, Amy clearly took a side. “You really are shedding some light on some very dark gray areas! Keep it up!” she tweeted at him after his scandalous Christmastime Instagram Q&A

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Amy later recorded an interview with the reality TV vlog Without A Crystal Ball, however, the video was quickly “marked private” after Amy allegedly said that an undisclosed person threatened her with a lawsuit. “In other words? Jim Bob totally pulled some strings, made some calls and got Amy silenced,” The Hollywood Gossip inferred. Without naming her uncle, Amy confirmed the effort to keep her quiet, tweeting, “I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…A [woman’s] voice should never be silenced.”

In his own interview with Without A Crystal Ball, Derick said it’s a shame that Amy is being prevented from speaking her truth. If Amy was even remotely on the outs with the Duggars, crossing the line to Derick’s side of this family argument has probably assured that their relationship will get worse before it ever gets better. 

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