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Nigerian Railway Corporation to Restart Cattle Movement by Train

Naija Cattle Movement By Rail To Resume Soon – Nigerian (via Primetweets)

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) is gearing up to resume the transportation of cattle by rail, according to Fidet Okhiria, the Managing Director of NRC.

Okhiria made the announcement during an interview with Channels Television on Wednesday, July 10.

Cattle movement, which was halted in 2017 due to technical issues, is set to restart on the Warri-Itakpe route, with plans to expand to other routes in the future.

The NRC aims to streamline the movement of goods across the country, specifically focusing on facilitating the transfer of cattle from northern regions to the South-South parts of Nigeria via the Warri railway line.

Okhiria mentioned that the NRC has acquired specialized wagons designed for transporting livestock and is currently assembling them in the Kajola region of Oyo State.

In the next one to two months, these wagons will be put into operation on the Itakpe-Warri route, aiming to boost economic activities along the corridor.

Okhiria emphasized that investments in the railway sector should prioritize the social and economic advantages for the people and not solely be profit-driven.

He highlighted the significance of enhancing transportation infrastructure to foster economic growth and connectivity between different cities across the country.


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