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Popular Blog, Gistlover Reacts To Alleged Arrest Of Its Operators By Nigerian Police For Cyberstalking


Gistlover, the popular Nigerian  microblogging platform, has reacted to the alleged arrest of three of its operators by the Nigerian Police Force.

The blog, in a series of posts made via its Instagram page, alleged that those paraded by the police were not its operators, while asking the security operatives to provide evidence to prove blog’s relations with them.

In one post, the blog wrote: @nigeriapoliceforce you guys are a big joke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, is this how useless and senseless you guys are, big joke and clout 🤣🤣🤣just to prove what??

“bring one evidence wey una see say na those boys be gistlover, make una do una mumu finish , ati arrester ooo ati petitioner ooo, all of una na lawsuit Go Jam una this new year, since you all have money to waste for court, let’s fvcking go there , aye yin onida”

In another post, it wrote: Jeanslover to Nigeria Police right now, see how you all display una unprofessionalism to the whole world , normal normal we sabi say una no Dey Professional as na retired ogogoro people una Dey employ but showing it to the whole is such a big shame to you all, ontop how much wey una collect for Toyin the famous fraudster hand, Toyin oni Ppp loan fraud want chase clout with those boys , since una want do mistake hold people , why una no hold rich people wey go face una bumper to bumper , na poor man pikin una want take Dey chase clout, shows how powerless and vain una be, face your match,

“that been said, CAN I KNOW MY OFFENSE ???🤣🤣🤣insecurities left and right, economy don fall yakata for ground yet na gistlover be their nightmare 🤣🤣🤣🤣e be Like say na only me fit this people ooo, their mind no Dey ever touch ground ontop my matter, the only blog they couldn’t buy or put unde their payroll till today, the only blog wey Dey call their bluff, the only blog wey no Dey look their papa face, you come talk say mal them no fear , shey ko por leti iyawon ni,

“be Like i Don too Sleep sef, make I apply more pressure , Enikuuuure, RELEASE INNOCENT BOYS OO but help me hold that fake page well🤣🤣🤣🤣that one sweet me, next time him no go open fake page again , @nigeriapoliceforce how far, Eti shey esin aworo oooo? You guys just made a mockery of your uniform today , shameeeeeeeee, is it a crime to be poor in this part of the world, na only poor man pikin una Dey harass, una shame Dey shame me, Alara gbigbe husband snatcher tee in the mud🤣🤣🤣famous Ppp loan fraudster in the mud, must logba lagidi tee in the mud, e pain am 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

In a third post, the blog wrote: Dear @nigeriapoliceforce @npf_nccc big shame on you all,see how you all rubbished unaselves ontop how much wey the famous alara gbigbe fraudster wey I expose pay una, You all posted something , edited it, deleted at some point🤣🤣🤣seee as una dey run kiti kiti without me pursuing una, big shame , you all make the laws and disobey same law, una hold suspect for more than 1 month, una parade suspect without evidence, keep shooting yourselves on the leg , i like as una come make a fool of unaselves , good to see, Jos killing till now no post on it, kidnappers issues here and here, insecurities everywhere , the Awkuxu Sars matter I exposed till today nothing has been done about it, yet una Carry una two left legs Dey arrest innocent boys, una say Nnedum Dey share my page, please go after Tonto Dike for always sharing my page too, go after iyabo ojo too and some public figure wey Dey always share my page make una come see crazy but because you feel you can harass these ones una use tjem take shine just to chase yeye clout.

I saw the video interview posted by una and I shake my head seeing how useless and Low the force is in 2024, una cut some part of the interview, at some point una mute those boys 🤣🤣🤣Nigeria police don cast, you all are scared knowing fully well say na only gisltover fit face una 🤣🤣because if not, why going after a blog, Mohbad case till today una delay autopsy, jokers of the century Na him una be, free Adebukola and Nnedum now and stop making a fool of your force, such a shame 🤮🤮I go post the video now so you all see what the Nigerian police has been reduced to, be like we need more lawyers on board oo, please good lawyers in the house send me DMs, the wahala wey them Dey find, them go later see am, THIS IS ALL SHADE OF UNPROFESSIONALISM AND LAWLESSNESS, una mind no go touch ground , olohun ngbo 🤮🤮

Recall that it was earlier reported on Friday how The Nigerian Police Force, in a press statement by its spokesperson, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi claimed that it had apprehended three persons alleged to be behind Gistlover.

The arrest was said to be made by the National Cybercrime Center of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF).

The statement also identified the suspects as followed: Adebukola Kolapo, Nnedum Micheal Somtomchukwu and Isaac Akpokighe, all males of ages 27, 25 and 30.

The suspects were arrested in connection with a case of alleged conspiracy, cyberstalking, and threat to life.

The statement added that the trio were arrested for “cyberstalking, incitement, blackmail, and sundry, which has over the years been a cause for public outcry.”


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