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Tekashi 69 Is Being Sued For Ordering A Hit On One Of His Former Associates

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Shane “Snow Billy” Hardy is suing Tekashi 69 over a January 2018 shooting in Brooklyn that left Hardy seriously injured, according to TMZ. Along with Tekashi 69, Hardy included Aaron “Bat” Young and Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones in his lawsuit, demanding an unspecified amount in damages.

He certainly seems to have a case. During Tekashi’s controversial racketeering trial, the rapper admitted to directing Young and Jones to shoot Hardy, which they did, hitting Hardy in the head and neck. Complex reported that Young believed that he had killed Hardy after shooting him at point-blank range and both Young and Jones were sentenced to long stays behind bars after pleading guilty to the charges against them, which included racketeering conspiracy and violent crimes.

Complex also included Judge Paul Engelmayer’s quotes from Young’s sentencing, which highlighted the seriousness of the crime:

Your crime could scarcely be more serious. You shot a man, known as “Snow,” in the back of a neck at nearly pointblank range. You did so premeditatedly. You did so with the intention of killing him. Indeed, you believed you had killed him. Soon afterwards, you bragged to your fellow gang members that you had, quote, “bodied” Snow, meaning that you had killed him… It was something of a miracle that Snow survived the shooting. But that is no thanks to you. It was your intention that die. And only through some combination of imperfect [aim] and effective medical service did Snow survive.

Tekashi is due for release in August of this year and despite insisting that he’d continue his rap career has plenty of debts to pay off. Fashion Nova also recently sued Tekashi for $2.5 million after paying him to promote its product just weeks before he was arrested on racketeering charges.

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