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The reason Britney Spears called out her Instagram critics

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In light of all this negativity, it’s no wonder Britney Spears decided to post something in response. She began by referencing her bathing suit photos, explaining, “I’ve read a lot of things online of people criticizing my posts …. saying I post the same 15 pictures with the same red background and wearing the same white bathing suit.” Spears continued, “For me, I get really excited about my posts …. and I like to share them with you all!!!! I’ve never owned a white bathing suit before and I simply liked the red background!!!!” The pop star then got candid, adding, “Reading all of the mean comments really hurts my feelings …. and I wanted to share because you really shouldn’t be saying all of these mean things to someone you don’t even know …. this goes for bullying anyone really!!!!!!” 

Spears ended her post with a note about hard times, possibly referring to the coronavirus pandemic. “Hard times like we are currently living through should really teach us to be nice to one another …. !!!!!!” she said. “I love you all …. stay safe …. and be nice!!!!!”

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Happily, many fans left comments of love and support for Spears, but she should never have had to explain herself in the first place. If people don’t want to see her cute photoshoots, then maybe they should unfollow. Hate isn’t necessary!

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