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The true story behind that viral, painfully awkward draft moment

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Both CeeDee Lamb and Crymson Rose tweeted and retweeted some posts about the excitement of getting drafted by Dallas. However, they didn’t just leave it at that. They also used social media to attempt to do some damage control. The football player retweeted one of the memes and added, “y’all really gotta chill wasn’t even like day,” along with a thumbs-down emoji. 

Rose tweeted, “His agent was FACETIMING him while he was on the phone with the Cowboys, I was doing the GF thing gonna answer it for him. sheesh.” So, in essence, she was just being a good girlfriend, trying to make sure Lamb did not miss an important phone call.

Some of her friends defended her intentions, with one writing, “if y’all knew how pure & sweet Crymson was, y’all wouldn’t be on her like this.. literally a heart of gold.” This post prompted Rose to quote that tweet and respond, “Those who know me know! I love you.” The world will think what it wants, but it truly is all good between the couple. 

TMZ reported they shared a kiss on Instagram Live later that night. The couple’s united front probably won’t stop the memes, but it seems like these two are pretty solid, regardless of what the internet says. Plus, the whole situation is kind of a win-win. The wide receiver was a first-round draft pick and he got to star in a popular meme.

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