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This is how Dennis Rodman lost all of his money

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Perhaps one of the biggest money-sucks was through no fault of his own — other than trusting someone else with his wealth. According to Sports Illustrated, Dennis Rodman was among many athletes scammed by a woman posing to be a financial advisor. Peggy Ann Fulford, the woman in question, gained the trust of wealthy clients by boasting fake degrees from Harvard and success on Wall Street. She eventually met Rodman through a mutual friend in the 2000s, and Rodman came to trust her with his finances. The two were so close at one point that he even thanked her in his 2011 Hall of Fame speech as “family” who was “taking care” of him. 

The entire fiasco was marred by red flags, with Rodman at one point wondering why his electricity was cut off in a Florida condo that Fulford bought. In another incident, Rodman’s expenses were brought up in a child support hearing, which included a hefty Victoria’s Secret charge, after he failed to pay up. “I’ve never even been to Victoria’s Secret,” Rodman later told a friend. Rodman’s former assistant noticed he had fallen behind on life insurance payments. 

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Throughout it all, Fulford claimed Rodman’s financial troubles were due to his own spending habits and took total control of his accounts. All of that went up in smoke when Fulford was sentenced to 10 years in prison for interstate transportation of stolen property.

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