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Uber Driver Charged With R@pe And Kidnapping For Attack On Female Passenger

     Ahmed Hassan Ali

A 58-year-old Uber rider has been accused of driving an intoxicated female passenger to a secluded area and having unlawful carnal knowledge of her over the weekend.

The suspect, Ahmed Hassan Ali, of Seattle, faces one count of r*pe in the second degree and one count of kidnapping in the first degree with s3xual motivation aggravating circumstance.

According to the arrest report, Ali was driving for Uber Saturday morning when he gave a ride to an intoxicated woman who was at a bar in Olympia.

Investigators alleged that Ali marked the woman’s ride as complete in the Uber app but kept her in the car and drove to 6th Avenue SE in an unincorporated area of Thurston County and r*ped her.

The victim’s family became alarmed when she did not arrive at the house and her father tracked her location to a parking area near the Nisqually River, the arrest report said.

The father and other family members drove to the location and found the woman unclothed in the backseat of Ali’s car, and Ali appeared to be pulling up his pants while climbing over the center console, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Investigators said family members assaulted Ali and took the woman out of the car. At some point during the confrontation, the victim’s father fired a gun twice, but the bullets did not strike anyone.

Neighbors called 911 to report the gunfire and deputies stopped Ali’s vehicle as he was driving out of the area. A deputy noted that Ali was bleeding heavily from his head and hands when he was contacted, but the report notes Ali was in a hurry to leave and initially refused medical treatment.

Prosecutors said in a court hearing Monday that Ali’s injuries were so severe that it was suspicious Ali would attempt to refuse medical care.

A judge set Ali’s bail at $100,000 at the hearing. Jail records show he posted the bail Monday night and was released from custody.

Ali is scheduled to appear at an arraignment on July 2.


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