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War Machine Was More Than Just Iron Man’s Sidekick, and Fans Want Him Back

The actor who plays War Machine, Don Cheadle may be done making movies in the Marvel Comic Universe. However, fans don’t want him gone. They believe the character has potential, and would add value to upcoming films.

The decision may not be up to viewers, but they have a lot to say on the matter. Here’s what we know about Cheadle’s future as War Machine. 

Don Cheadle signed a contract for six films

Don Cheadle speaks onstage

Don Cheadle speaks onstage

Don Cheadle | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

When Marvel Studios offered Cheadle the role of War Machine, they offered him a contract for six movies as the character. Before filming Iron Man 2, they gave Cheadle a call, and expected him to decide right then if he wanted to sign on.

In an interview with The AV Club, Cheadle explained how he got the call in the middle of his kid’s birthday party – a laser tag party. They offered him the role, but said he had to sign on for a six picture deal.

“And I’m trying to do the math. I’m like, ‘That’s 11 or 12 years. I’m not sure.,’” Cheadle said. Unfortunately, they didn’t give him long to decide. In fact, they gave him only one hour before they’d move on to the next candidate. 

“An hour to decide 12 years,” he said, “and a role and parts that I don’t even know, in movies that are coming down that I have no idea what they’ll be.”

When Cheadle pleaded that he was at his kid’s laser party, which wasn’t the best situation to be thinking over life-changing decisions, Marvel generously offered him two hours to decide instead. 

Don Cheadle fulfilled his contract with Marvel

It was a difficult decision, but in the end, Cheadle made the jump into the Marvel Comic Universe. 

“So I go back inside, and I’m ducking behind things, playing laser tag, and talking to my wife,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Should I take a flier on this? Is this something I should do?’ And she said, ‘Well, yeah, I guess so. All things being equal, this is that kind of thing. You’ve never done anything like this before. Big special effects, tent pole, four-quadrant movie. Do you want to do something like this?’ I said, ‘I kind of do.’ She said, ‘Well, then take a flier. Let’s do it. Try it.’”

It’s great that Cheadle made the leap into the Marvel Universe, because fans love him in the role. But now, he’s appeared in Iron Man 2Iron Man 3Avengers: Age of UltronCaptain America: Civil WarAvengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame.

That’s six movies, which means his contract is up and it may be the end for Cheadle as War Machine. 

Fans want Don Cheadle to continue playing War Machine


Viewers aren’t willing to accept that Cheadle’s role in the Marvel Comic Universe may be over. In a recent Reddit thread, a video was posted which showed their appreciation of the character.

In the scene, Cheadle, as James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes, stands inside his War Machine armor. It’s clicking, beeping, and making noise like it’s about to open. Cheadle responds, “Do not open. Do not open.”

The armor opens and he says, “Okay. Let’s go.” Then, proceeds to jump out of the suit and kick some butt. 

The Reddit user who posted the video wrote, “And this is why I like War Machine.”

Others agreed. “I feel like Rhodey was particularly great in this movie. Really showed him as more than just Tony’s stern friend,” one fan wrote. 

“Rhodey has always been a great character, and he has a lot of potential in the MCU going forward. Please give him a D+ series already,” another responded. 

Fans obviously want Cheadle to continue playing War Machine, in whatever form that entails. It’s possible that he’s been offered a contract extension, but at this point, nothing has been announced. Marvel fans are going to have to wait on this one with fingers crossed until we receive the final word. 

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