Bride catches groom’s mother breastfeeding him in restroom on wedding day, calls off ceremony

A woman took to social media to describe her strange wedding day experience, which included witnessing her fiance being breast fed by his mother shortly before they exchanged vows.

The unusual event, detailed in a podcast episode called “The Unfiltered Bride,” presented by Georgie and co-hosted by Beth Smith, has captivated viewers with its shocking discovery.

ruined wedding

According to the podcast hosts, the bride, whose identity is unknown, made a surprising discovery when using the loo just before the wedding began.

What she discovered was beyond comprehension: her groom engaging in an intimate deed with his mother, who was nursing him.

Despite co-host Beth Smith’s early conjecture about possible circumstances, such as adultery or drug usage, the truth far exceeded expectations.

In a moment that challenged traditional standards and left listeners stunned, it was revealed that the groom was being breast fed by his own mother.

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