Caucasian Mother Reveals How He Wakes His Son Up From Sleep

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A video circulating on a popular social media platform shows a Caucasian mother facing a unique challenge with her son, who refuses to get out of bed unless Burna Boy’s hit song, “City Boys,” is played.

The video has garnered likes and comments, with the mother explaining how she tackles the situation by playing the specific song.

The footage captures the mother opening her music app and starting the song, resulting in her son immediately sitting up in bed and grooving along to the music, even stomping his feet in rhythm with the lyrics.

This event attracted attention on social media, with many individuals taking to the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

Watch the Video below:


this kid doesn’t get out of bed if his mom doesn’t play City Boys by Burna Boy. 😂❤️ #burnaboy#afrikagiant#fyp @Burna Boy

♬ original sound – BURNA BOY 🦍🦍

See some reactions below:

King__ Davii: “Stop it ! his songs are filed with unnecessary unclean spirits you really don’t want entering your child’s room / ur child becuz u keep playing their infilled songs.”

emahezekiel: “That’s a bad habit… Use African way to next time. Water falls.”

flexzee: “If only yall knew what he meant by mo fa colorado.”

B.I.G G.U.N.N.A.R wrote: “U de make noise for d pikin ear u say La burna boy music wake ah.”

𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕓𝕒𝕓𝕪: “He’s Tested approved and trusted!”

mobi: “his mind wants to sleep but his body wants to dance, real city boy, real odogwu.”

Da_realcleopatra: “Awwwwwww he was tapping his feet too.”

Ashraf: “his life is like a movie and this is his theme song.”

EnigmaFX: “boy was already stomping his foot once the beat started.”

wakilyu: “Lil kid is a certified city boy for real. Odogwu🦍🦅vibes.”

Big bear: “I already know it was city boy she was going to play.”


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