“How Destiny Etiko Destroyed My Marriage” – Harrysong Shares Proof of What Transpire in His Marriage

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In a recent outburst, Harrison Tare Okiri, the renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter known as Harrysong, has made serious allegations against Nollywood superstar Destiny Etiko.

Alongside his criticisms of his former label boss KCee and his estranged wife Alexer Perez Gopa, Harrysong has promised to expose the alleged deceitful schemes orchestrated by Alexer and her mother, implicating Destiny Etiko.

This comes amidst an ongoing public conflict between Harrysong and KCee, with the former accusing the latter of forgery and fraud.

Alexer, on the other hand, has reached out to popular Instagram blogger Cutie Juls to share her distressing experiences with Harrysong, claiming that he pressured her into terminating her third pregnancy and expressed his frustration about the possibility of having another girl.

In a fiery and unrestrained response to these allegations and the gossip blog Alexer used to air them, Harrysong took to Instagram Live with a blistering tirade, blasting Destiny Etiko for allegedly masterminding his wife’s connection to gossip blogs in a calculated effort to smear his name.

He vehemently accused Etiko of being the puppeteer behind the scenes, orchestrating this campaign to tarnish his reputation with these scandalous accusations.

Accompanied by a damning voice note as evidence, Destiny Etiko was allegedly heard directing Alexer on the specific Gistlover blog to select from the multitude of similar accounts on Instagram, to reportedly highlight Harrysong’s purported mistreatment towards her.

According to Harrysong’s account, Destiny Etiko was allegedly urging Alexer to exploit their marital discord as a means to gain fame and drag Harrysong’s name through the mud.

He proceeded to unveil a catalogue of alleged transgressions, delineating a sequence of purported atrocities ascribed to Alexer and her mother amidst the backdrop of his marital woes.

Watch Him Speak Below;


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