“I don’t like the way my parents Were portrayed on Young, Famous, and African”- 2baba and Annie’s daughter Isabel

Innocent ‘2baba’ and Annie Idibia’s adolescent daughter, Isabel, have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with how they were depicted in the Netflix reality TV programme Young, Famous, and African.

isabel 2baba daughter

The iconic singer’s daughter addressed the story about her parents following their participation on the TV show while live on social media.

Isabel expressed dissatisfaction with the way they were depicted.

The 15-year-old stated that the way they were portrayed was completely incorrect, and that if she attempted to defend her parents, she was labelled a kid.

Isabel went on to add she knows more about her parents than other people since they had lived in the same family, while netizens only acquire their information from the internet or social media. 

2baba’s daughter went on to say that she can’t change people’s perceptions of her parents, but she wants them to understand that they will always be unaware of the genuine narrative of everything that has ever transpired in her family.

Finally, Isabel expressed dissatisfaction with the portrayal of her parents on Young, Famous, and African, stating that it was not the greatest picture of them and was incorrect.

In her words: “I don’t like the way my parents were portrayed in Young, Famous and African, the way they were portrayed was just so wrong. Whenever I try to back my parents up and say that’s not what happened everyone is like ‘how would you know? You’re just a child’ How would you know? You’re not in my family, your knowledge is based on stuff that you see on Safari, Instagram and social media. I know it because I’ve been in the household with my parents. I can’t change everyone’s perspective on social media because they will always think what they want to think but they will never know the actual true story or background of anything that has ever happened in my family or anything that has happened before I was even born. I don’t like the way my parents were portrayed, it wasn’t the best image and it wasn’t completely accurate.”

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The video of 2baba and Annie’s daughter complaining about the portrayal of her parents on the popular Netflix reality TV show sparked mixed comments from netizens. Read some of them below:

thedeltabeauty: “She carry both Tuface & Annie face combine.”

adesuwamomodu: “The young shall grow .”

ezenwanyi_084: “Mechie onu. Children of nowadays.”

Ogochukwu_excel: “U don greet us ur elders this morning b4 u begin warn us?”

Donnieraymond: “Whatever you do, be it good or bad people will always talk or give their own opinion. So don’t stress yourself, gal.”

Wonderchildforkids: “We understand you baby girl your dad told us everything in his track implication.”

amyskitchenandtreats: “These kids grow up so fast she’s now a big and beautiful girl.”

dyced_pineapples: “Speak on girl .”

humayyra94: “How old is she now? Was it not just yesterday she was born? She speaks well n her skin looks so good.”

mizzsan_g: “She speaks so well .”

dejoke____a: “She’s all grown now… ❤.”

Melissa_okani_: “A well raised child .”

xennysplace_: “Na here i dey when they born this girl and she sabi makeup pass meShe a queen .”

diashopper_everything_: “My baby don’t mind Agbaya people. They’ll never know.”


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