“I Have No Regrets Being a Stripper, If I Have the Opportunity to Do It Over and Over Again, I Will” – BBNaija Chichi

BBNaija Star, Chichi overjoyed as Cardi B gives her shout-out for the second time

BBNaija Chichi recently confessed that she has no regrets about her background as a stripper.

In an Instagram post, the reality star stated that if given the opportunity, she would take the same road again without hesitation.

Inspired by rapper and former stripper Cardi B, Chichi expressed her gratitude for the musician’s influence on her life.

She underlined that being a stripper helped her when no one else could, and she finds no need to conceal or deny that part of her life.

She wrote:

“I just woke up to see that my fave Cardi B has commented on my tweet. She has really inspired my life. She changed my life without even knowing it.

“Cardi B made me realise that I can be whoever I want to be in life. I will never regret ever being a stripper. And I will never deny the fact that I used to be a stripper. Why would I deny an occupation that catered for my needs when no one was there? If I have the opportunity to do it over and over again, I will.”


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