Landlord narrates how tenants repaint his house

Landlord shares how tenants repaint his house

A landlord has been driven to tears as he narrates his encounter with his tenants, who helped him in repainting his house.

The man, Tim Alims, disclosed that the tenants, who are professional painters, had rented one of his apartment.

He had told him that he was going to repaint the house, and he assumed it was a joke.

The landlord was startled to see the house had been painted when he returned over the weekend.

He was deeply moved and inspired by this and prayed for the tenants to build their own house so they could move into their own home.

He wrote:

“The Tenants who Repainted my Compound
Here’s the gist…
I had contracted Tom and his elder brother to do the painting of the two units of #FragisApartments in January. This was after I saw them at work in a neighbours apartment. I appreciated the quality of work they were doing and hired them to work for me too.
While painting Fragis Apartments, they shared with me how lovely the apartments were and the kind of place they’ll like to stay.
Days after they had finished the painting, Tom called to let me know they were interested in taking one of the apartments.
We struck a deal. At that point, Tom was like “Chai, Oga, if we bin know say na we go take this house ehnn, we for just tell you to go and leave the work for us make we give this house correct painting. Anyhow sha, we go paint the whole compound to look fresh before you come back.” Like seriously?!
I thought it was a joke, but they kept to their words without my knowledge until I got home over the weekend to this big surprise.
I know they’ll see this post.
Bros, una too try. I thank una well well. Make God bless una. Like I tell una yesterday, e no go tay, una go build una own too, and I go dey here to support una with some bags of cement.”



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