May Edochie Breaks Down in Tears, Reveals How Her Multiple Businesses Collapsed Before Her Eyes 

“For the first time, I don’t know how to react…” – May Edochie pens emotional note as she marks birthday

May Edochie becomes emotional as she recalls the time when her numerous thriving businesses came crashing down.

The former wife of renowned actor Yul Edochie shared her story during her participation at the Priceless Hairs Summit, where she offered words of motivation to aspiring entrepreneurs and discussed the challenges of starting a business.

Despite the setbacks she faced, May emphasized that she did not allow herself to succumb to despair.

She highlighted that her businesses were once flourishing and successful.

She stated that the businesses however crashed, and was about to reveal when, before she broke down in tears.

Watch the video below:

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ambilawilcoxesq said: “Why did that woman drag the mic from her like that?”

agwabumma_ said: “The mic was snatched so she doesn’t oO say things out of pain. that is a friend!!! Stop asking silly question”

orangemakeovers said: “Big ups to that lady for taking the mic off her, she saw the tears coming and she was ready for it. That’s a good friend move! No one needed to hear her cry.”

ivieemiko said: “I like how @pricelesshairs snatched the phone from her to avoid her spilling her pain to the world. she’s a good friend”


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